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Build Your Audience by Partnering With Active Content Creators

My advice? Work with those active posters to build a nexus between, say, the businesses district and area business, by cross posting events, images, and sales …

Our Predicament…

Communications and marketers are trained to get attention by creating content. But the more content there is the less attention there is. The more free content there is the more expensive attention becomes. More @GerryMcGovern

by Ed Carpenter — He’s a bad mutha … shut yer mouth.


I was a leader…

While I was a leader that often led projects and teams, I wasn’t leading my own career. I was well compensated, and even though I wasn’t as consciously aware of it at the time, my need to constantly feel that I was moving forward in my career was being satisfied. It just wasn’t something I was personally driving. — David Kelley @LnDDave

From DK’s recent post

Better Twitter with the “@”

Take your Twitter engagement to the next level, try to connect with three new people a day — @jeffbullas on

Content marketing: A beginner’s checklist

After all, there’s a lot more to the process than writing a piece of content and hitting ‘publish’— Shelly Kramer via @MarkRaganCeo

Who moved my cheese?

It’s time for social media managers to shift from acquiring new fans to ensuring that current fans see the most relevant content.  >> Read more

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