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How Your Institution Can Create Awesome Viral Content

There are some creative examples here of info graphics, videos, and more.


Cameron Pegg (@ghostwhowrites) is executive officer for the deputy vice chancellor (engagement) at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.

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What would happen if you suggested that your institution’s homepage be taken over with kittens or an animated squirrel?

You wouldn’t get far. Or would you?

Oberlin College in Ohio devised a daring homepage heist in time for April Fools Day in 2012—it was so successful in driving traffic and social media interaction that they upped the ante last year (with added kitten cuteness).

Oberlin’s antics display a rare understanding of how our constituents behave online and what we can do to make them click.

In the February edition of CURRENTS, I explore how institutions can do a better job of developing and distributing “share worthy” content (see full article).

The Science of Sharing

Aim to create stronger emotional communion in the content you share Aim to create stronger emotional communion in the content you share

In 2009, University…

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Do You Have Multiple Twitter Personalities?

Q: For you social media strategists: Do you separate your social media selves? e.g. marketing, hometown boostering, outdoor thrill seeking? I started my Twitter handle as a quasi personal-professional tool but I’m thinking about a divorce. What’s your experience?

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by Ed Carpenter — He’s a bad mutha … shut yer mouth.

Face it, Maps Are Fun

Photo by Lisa at LLWorldTour

Photo by Lisa at LLWorldTour

Face it, maps are fun

We like maps because they can tell stories in entirely new ways. Here’s an example. I’ve been mulling this idea over for a good long while. After buying a house in East Oakland two years ago, I started visiting some of the local taco trucks. Then, I came across a Google map identifying all of them in a post by fellow blogger @DIYGene at

I decided to take over the map, first created by Krys in 2007, for my own purposes. Many of the trucks have moved. Some are gone entirely. I started to update the map. Then I decided to tap into Oakland’s local knowledge.

I’m republishing the map and promoting it. What a fun way to highlight a little piece of Oakland, right? I’ll post with a red thumbtacks, keeping whatever pre-2013 information is useful and accurate, such as photos, links, and reviews. Heck, maybe… hopefully… I can even draw others into the act. Let me hear from you about East Oakland’s taco trucks your frequent.

by Ed Carpenter — He’s a bad mutha … shut yer mouth.