Buffer: Makes Scheduling and Sharing on Social Media a Snap (Pt. 2)

Buffer is a great application for scheduling and sharing social media. If you haven’t tried it. Head on over to get started, it’s free! One of my favorite features is Buffer’s ability to update your status on all your social platforms at once, it’s so powerful you can do that inside the application (which you’d expect) but also from inside Twitter, Facebook, and other social accounts you use the most (which you wouldn’t). What a time saver!

By setting aside 15-20 minutes in the morning or the night before, I can schedule about two days worth of posts on Twitter and even more on my other accounts. Of course, how far out you can schedule depends on how many times a day you post. The free version of Buffer limits you to scheduling 10 items for each platform. Upgrade and you can go crazy. I actually find the 10 limit useful because it requires me to check in to see what’s popular (hint: you can re-Buffer your greatest hits!) and interact with others’ content when it’s fresh.

Check out part 1 of my video tutorial series on Buffer from more powerful tips and tricks.

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