What is A/B testing?/ ¿Qué es el test A/B?

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You are working on your first email marketing campaign and suddenly you come across something called “A/B testing. What it is? Very roughly speaking it’s “sending out two variations of one email and seeing which one is the one that gets the most clicks.” Well, it’s kind of like this. Why would you want to do such a thing? A/B testing gives you the chance to “perfect” your message to better increase the chances it’ll get opened, in other words, to optimize your campaigns. It keeps you from wasting time putting together emails that have little chance of getting opened. What can you test, you ask? In general, you can test the subject line, the “from name” info, the time of sending and the body content (within this area, colors, call for action, images, and more). Check your email marketing provider for details.
Step 1- Decide what to test. Will it…

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