Android TV: It’s what Google TV should have been, but is that enough?


The people tasked with developing Google’s (S GOOG) new Android TV product think that this time, time is on their side.

Four years ago, the company made its first big foray into the living room. Google TV was supposed to combine online video with live TV and become a leading software platform for TV manufacturers. But the failure of Google TV is well documented; why would the company try again, as it did Wednesday with the introduction of its new Android TV platform?

“It’s the UX (user experience), it’s the framework, it’s the timing,” said Android Senior Engineering Director Dave Burke when asked that very question during an interview on the sidelines of Google’s I/O developer conference in San Francisco Wednesday.

A simpler UI, and a better way to build TV apps

He pointed to Android TV’s much simpler and more defined user interface, as well as the integration of…

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