10 Reasons I Hate Ektron

Ektron WebA sordid tale

I feel like strangling my computer whenever I have to publish something to my university’s website, which is most days of the week. Granted, it’s not fair to the computer. You see, I’m one of the university’s primary content creators. You’d think it would be something I like to do. But there is a problem. The university uses Ektron CMS.

How that happened is a sordid tale, only part of which I know the details of. I can tell you that it was a classic bait and switch. Ektron was one of two finalists that were shopped around the university to groups of users in hands-on demonstrations. In my group of 20, only the tech support guy liked Ektron better. Colleagues who attended other demonstrations reported the same result in their groups. Yet, Ektron is what we ended up with. Go figure. Truth be told, before Ektron the university used Serena Collage — so it could be worse.

Still, I count Ektron among the poorest applications I’ve ever had to work with. Even worse than Comcast’s search engine, hard as that might be to believe. If you’re someone considering Ektron CMS, consider yourself warned. There are much lighter, nimbler, faster systems, including WordPress.com, Joomla, and Drupal.

Tonight’s top 10 list

1) It’s SLOW. (I’m talking gear grinding, wrack your head against the monitor slow just to do a simple task — “save,” for instance).

2) Organized in a folder structure that makes search within the CMS impossible unless you know the folder you’re looking for (Isn’t that what a file cabinet is for?).

4) Constantly inserts spaces and (behind the rich text format) html, throwing off the page and inserting errors.

5) Frequently requires editing in html as part of simple cut and paste tasks

6) The HTML reader has no line numbers, so when Ektron indicates there is an error in line 644 — start counting.

7) Tagging’s so complicated as to be useless.

8) Does it come with any standard features?

9) Has anyone at Ektron been introduced to social media and its benefits? Their CMS hasn’t.

10) Did I mention, it’s incredibly SLOW!

What CMS do you use? What option is better? Leave a comment or Tweet me your thoughts.

by Ed Carpenter — He’s a bad mutha … shut yer mouth.


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