Raise your profile with Google Authorship

The evolution of social

The evolution of social.

It’s hard to know what social media is worth your time, professionally speaking. I often hear people’s frustration. “I don’t have time for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumbler, Pinterest, LinkedIn…” The list goes on.

So how can you get the most bang for your buck? For better and for worse, Google is where it’s at. At least for now. If you want Google Search to find you, you’ll want to look into Google Authorship.

Google search has changed

It’s a simple idea. Your photo appears next to your content as a call-out. It instantly sets you apart and attracts the eye. This tool goes hand-in-hand with Google’s new focus of using search to connect searchers with people and organizations that have some expertise on the topic.

You’ve almost certainly seen this and maybe you’ve thought how did they do that? Now you can.

1) First, establish a Google + profile.
2a) If you have an email address that matches the website domain of the organization where you publish then register it here in 4 easy steps and you’re ready to go.
2b) If you don’t have an email address that matches, then you can connect your Google + account with your website in 3 easy steps, if you can access the html view of your website.

If you don’t have full access to your site’s html, say because you use a blog site, don’t give up. Try this simple workaround, I came up with.

Stuck? Try this workaround

3) Publish your Google + profile ID (That’s the url with the long string of numbers that’s unique to your Google + profile on your homepage e.g. https://plus.google.com/u/1/113037853255556955377. It will create a hyperlink on the page. Unfortunately, it can’t be “hidden” in widgets, comments, tags, and other places — at least not in WordPress.com.

Think you’ve got it? Test it out here. Still stuck? Shoot me an email or tweet me!

by Ed Carpenter — He’s a bad mutha … shut yer mouth.


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