There’s more to the story (Vol.1)


One great thing about the Web is the limitless possibilities it offers for telling a story. Every page tells a story. Some are good. Some aren’t. By good, I mean clear, effective, and deliberate. Images, of course, can help convey your message. So can design.

Even without the benefit of sufficiently large text in this screen shot (right) for Wooster College, a quick review reveals a great deal to the reader. The reader knows instantly what is important and where to focus, thanks to the F-Shape design. The page expands the story using four rotating images with captions (visit the page to review); it features live social media streams; and, it employs contrasting colors to re-enforce the page’s important features. This is just what’s “above the fold.”

by Ed Carpenter — He’s a bad mutha … shut yer mouth.


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